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You Can Win
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Disciplined lifestyle change

Are you struggling with your attempts at controlling type 2 diabetes? You are not alone, I am too. Fortunately, I am winning and maintaining my changed lifestyle. I am not bragging, but want to encourage YOU! Controlling this disease is NOT easy, however, it IS possible. Please review my previous post: “Diabetes, Take it Seriously“.

According to “Diabetes Treatment Begins At Your Home…

Do you know what many experts agree is one of the most effective tools for controlling type 2 diabetes? OK, I will not make this a question-and-answer session. The answer is YOU; YOU have to exercise and control what YOU eat. I can only speak from experience “CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE!”

Controlling type 2 diabetes is possible

I am not trying to be a pest, we are in this together…it helps to be informed. Do your research, but keep in mind four simple keys for success in controlling type 2 diabetes and other conditions.

4 Simple Keys

1. Medicate on schedule

Develop a routine schedule to take your medicine; for example: if you take your pills for type 2 diabetes at 9:00 am today, try taking it each day at the same time or as close to that time as possible.
Use modern technology to help you remember, set an alarm on your watch, cell phone, or computer. Ask members of your support system (like a trusted family member or friend) to call you or help you with suggestions.

2. Monitor glucose levels

I know it is not fun, for some it is painful and others simply forget. Stop, do not make excuses đŸ˜‰ this is very important so make it a priority. Again I suggest using technology and people who support and love you to help you. You can win; take control of your health.

3. Proper nutrition

Eating properly is very essential to being a diabetes beater. Hearing stories of my ancestors dying from diabetes helped me make a life change in my eating habits; having type 2 diabetes is not a death sentence.
I loved sweets, lemon meringue pie, peach cobblers, donuts, and pastries, 7up, root beer, cream soda, and the list goes on. Give them up if you want to live a healthy life; that is the bottom line.

4. Routine exercise

You do not have to act like you are training for the Olympics. I mastered the other three, but this is my biggest challenge, especially after moving to southern California, the area I live in does not have nice parks. The oddest thing—not a deterrent— was people laughing at me while I worked out in parking lots đŸ˜’.
The most difficult part for me is getting motivated, I often lack the energy to get going. But I know from experience that exercise is a key component in this struggle.
I am happy to say that I am mindful of doing all I can to just keep moving, even if it is getting up from being in front of this computer to get water, cook or anything that will make me move. We can do this, are you with me?
Coping with Type 2 Diabetes
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You Can Win; medicate on schedule; monitor glucose levels; proper nutrition; routine exercise

You can win by controlling type 2 diabetes

You can win, stop saying and thinking that you cannot do it! Often we defeat ourselves by less-than-positive thinking. You can change your lifestyle, you can live a normal life. YOU CAN WIN this battle; controlling type 2 diabetes is possible!

“…aerobic exercises (walking, running, swimming, biking, treadmills) are the best and fastest way in controlling type II diabetes…” excerpt from an article by Leonardo Sy
“Visiting a primary care physician is one of the most important things you can do to prevent complications from diabetes.”
excerpt from a post by Harriet N. Davis, MD “5 things type 2 diabetics should discuss with their doctor
From “Archive for the ‘Diabetes Natural Solutions‘ Category”
From “Controlling Type 2 Diabetes through Weight Loss and Exercise”
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