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I am thanking God for my 3 year strokiversary! Yes, I am an ischemic stroke survivor. Learning to walk, use my hands, toes, fingers, etc. like an infant.

The most surprising and interesting aspect of recovery is how strokes affect each person differently. I spent three months in acute rehab.

One of my roommates had the same type of stroke on the same day. Unfortunately, he is not with us now. So I am thanking God to still be alive!

3 Year Strokiversary Thanking God To Still Be Alive
photo/graphic of tim with maui background for 3 year strokiversary

Contrary to the beliefs of my physicians and therapists, thank God, I am still getting better! After an evaluation, August 26, 2021, one of my VA OT therapist said:

  • It is likely that veteran is at his highest level of function.
  • Minimal gain may be obtained, but over a long period of time.

Fortunately, he was wrong. Do not let their words, thoughts, or opinions dictate your outcome.

3 year progress

All things considered, this year, August 8, 2021 – August 7, 2022, has been my most progressive. This is an outline summary of my progress:

  1. I regained 50% – 60% of the use of my right side. Last year at this time I was at 20% – 30%. Post-stroke 95% (5% usage) paralysis.
  2. Getting closer to return to independence, i.e., able to drive. The last time, pre-stroke, I got behind the wheel to drive somewhere was August 5, 2019. Well, I am happy to report that I drove 3 miles round trip on July 22, 2022; to urgent care and then to Stater Bros, and back to my apartment. Unfortunately, not one member of my family congratulated me 😒. But that is also a motivator for me.
  3. July 14, 2022 marked another milestone for me. I was able to do finger crawls up the wall (it was my bedroom door) 👌🏻.
  4. March 21, 2022, still getting better, I crawled for the first time. A torn rotator cuff tendon and overall right side weakness made this impossible after the stroke.
  5. A mental and physical break through occurred on March 24, 2022. I left the apartment and went for a walk (using my walker). Normally, I only leave to go to doctor or therapy appointments.

Greatest challenges

  1. Family: I really hate to say this but my family poses the greatest challenge. Being over-protective. If I listened to them I wouldn’t do much.
    1. Okay, I’ve had 138 falls since I came home from acute care in Dec 2019. To clarify: I count it a fall when I fall onto a wall, appliance, or furniture knowing if it was not there I would be on the floor/ground.
    2. But like a baby learning to walk, I must fall and get back up and keep trying.
    3. Yes, at my age, unlike a baby/infant, a fall could be fatal. I get it and I am very careful.
    4. I appreciate their concern and I understand their perspective! But it is better for me if they focus on my accomplishments and my (Bible) studies. I cannot/will not dwell on my condition.
  2. Relapses: sometimes it seems like I go 2 steps forward and 4 steps backwards. Caused by neuropathy (from stage four: complete numbness/loss of sensation to infrequent pain/numbness) and lack of energy.
  3. Therapy intervals: the VA takes extremely long periods assessing the need to approve more OT & PT.

Believe in yourself, you are amazing!

Never say it’s too hard or I can’t. I constantly recalled what a doctor said during the first week post stroke. “Nothings wrong with your leg or your arm“, it was my nerves that were damaged.

It helps to trust in the creator of our bodies. In fact, given the right conditions, our bodies were designed to heal themselves. But whatever you do, believe in yourself because you are amazing! ❤️ Tim

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7 Replies to “3 Year Strokiversary Thanking God To Still Be Alive”

  1. Love you cuz and I’m proud of your accomplishments. With the Lord and your determination you can reach all your goals.

    1. Thank you Cuz, I appreciate you and your taking the time to check this out and comment. One day we need to connect on, 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

  2. I’m so glad to see you are doing so well. Praise God for your recovery. My son-in-law had a stroke also in 2020and he is doing very well . It does take the support of your family and friends to help you recover . Continue to push forward and know that we in the family send you much love.

  3. So happy happy for you. Keep up the good work. I didn’t know you had a stroke. Thank God for blessing you. Violet had a massive stroke when she was in Las Vegas. Everything came back except her speech. She is doing well she lives with Terri,Deborah and Cherie. All four of them live together. I live with my son and his family. They say I have too many issues to be living by my self. But I am so happy to hear about you. Give me a call sometime when you get a chance. 925-698-9638 all my love Carolyn

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